Rick’s Journey With Laminine

For the first 32 years football was my life! I loved every bit of it. I was a skinny kid that had to find a way to play the game. I learned about weight lifting and protein and eating huge amounts of food. Because of that I became one of the biggest and strongest players in the Canadian Football League.

After my 10 year football career in the CFL and NFL I continued my healthy lifestyle and now am a fitness and weight loss coach and own a clinic in The Woodlands Texas. I do all I can to be fit and healthy. But a few years ago I began to notice changes in my mental health.

Depression, inability to focus and remember things, sleep difficulties were all becoming an unwelcome part of my life. I am a very positive person and thought I could conquer these issues but couldn’t. I did do a good job of faking it and fooling others.
However, I would wake up many mornings in a very dark place. Sometimes it would subside, many times it would last all day. I remember mornings on my face praying that God would get me through the day. I felt so overwhelmed and helpless.

All that began to change 5 months ago. I got a call from a clients telling me about a new supplement she was taking. She was very excited and told me how it had improved her mood and was helping her lose weight. I was intrigued and after some research decided to try it.

I soon learned that this supplement, laminine could lower cortisol and increase serotonin. And after a few days I noticed my mood improving. Some days I was almost euphoric and every day I felt happy and content. Wow!

And after some time I realized that my depression was gone! It had happened slowly and subtly. But it was gone. And remains gone. And so many other of my health issues are so much better too. What a life changing supplement!

I have since learned about post concussion syndrome or chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Brain damage caused by repeated head trauma, as can happen in years of football. And I realized that that was what was affecting me. And was doing the same for other retired athletes. With some, like Junior Seau the symptoms were so bad that suicide was the result.

I was already recommending it for all my clients and they were achieving incredible results. Better sleep, more energy, less migraines, decreased cravings and appetite, better mental focus and so much more. Now with my knowledge of post concussion syndrome I had an even more compelling reason to share what I knew.

And soon found that laminine was helping my football brothers – Nick Hebeler and Rick Klassen. Their depression was gone quickly too.

And now it has become our passion and our mission. Together, to spread the word. Tell everyone we know about how their health and their life can change with this powerful amino acid supplement called laminine.


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One Response to Rick’s Journey With Laminine

  1. jcsprenger says:

    I’ve been taking Laminine myself every day for the last 3 years; it has really been a blessing and I am a born disbeliever. It has to work to convince me and it did. I’ve never seen BP readings so low in my entire life; they are, within safe limits, amazing (110/65) with 70-80 pulse. They used to read (140/89) with 99/100 pulse. Rick, enjoy your new life; who knows how many additional benefits Laminine brings.

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