Laminine and ADD

Kim was already experiencing more energy and elevated mood levels from taking Laminine herself and wondered whether this would help her son with attention deficit and hyperactivity. After getting more information from my friend, Darcie, Kim put her son on Laminine. Darcie spoke with her a couple of weeks ago and asked how her son was doing. He was making real progress, so Darcie asked Kim if she would write up her son’s Laminine results:

“I first noticed our son had a really difficult time focusing when he entered 1st grade.  I was a classroom helper, so I could see it first hand.  At first we were pretty shocked and felt so bad for the difficulties he may encounter. We started him on 20mg of a drug, Adderal.  It helped a lot, but made him pretty emotional and not his fun, lively self.  We tried a few alternatives including NAET. That helped considerably. So, we dropped him to 5 mg of meds and he did well. Then we heard about laminine and wanted to give it a shot.

“We gave him a loading dose of 4 capsules daily for 2 weeks. Sometimes it seemed he was worse instead of better, but only for a couple of days of retracing. We then went down to 2 a day.  Now, he is doing very well behaviorally and he is catching up academically. At this point, he is down to one a day, which we will keep him on indefinitely. He is currently not on any meds and I don’t foresee us ever needing to go back. I’m so grateful for that because we don’t know what the long term effects of drugs are. He didn’t respond as well to meds as he does with Laminine, plus we have no side effects. With meds you have to keep changing them because the body becomes to accustomed to them. So, that is fortunately behind us!!”


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