Laminine and Depression

Two years ago my depression was so severe, that I didn’t want to stay in this world anymore and asked God to take me out of it. I felt 20 years older than I was, I was waking up every morning feeling lethargic with no energy, I had no mental clarity, couldn’t think, couldn’t focus and was having to take naps in the afternoon because I was exhausted. My attitude was one of anger, bitterness, and my temper was really short.

I was introduced to Laminine and within 36 hours I felt like a new person. I hadn’t felt that good in years. I wasn’t getting agitated, and actually felt calm due to the increase in Serotonin. My mental clarity was sharp as a bright sunny day and I was waking up refreshed and energetic no longer taking naps. I was sleeping much better at night, dreaming more vividly and just overall felt better without any side effects at all.

R. Meyers


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