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The benefits of using the amega wand.

Laminine and Depression

Two years ago my depression was so severe, that I didn’t want to stay in this world anymore and asked God to take me out of it. I felt 20 years older than I was, I was waking up every … Continue reading

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Cortisol and Your Body

Learn what cortisol does in your body. Then learn how the brain, properly fed by Laminine, normalizes it.

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Bernard Sjauta – CEO LifePharm Global Network Interview by Ted Nuyten on November 28, 2012   Bernard Sjauta, CEO and cofounder of rising Network Marketing company, LifePharm Global Network, is making waves as LPGN rises to the scene. With their, … Continue reading

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Laminine Out of Curiosity

ANOTHER TESTIMONY!by Jocelyn Bordeos EstrellaI take LAMININE because I am very concerned about my health. Although I do not take any medication, I am overweight. Without knowing what will happen I just take it out of curiosity but I noticed … Continue reading

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Uncover the Perfect Health Inside You

If you or someone you know and love is suffering from chronic depression, mood disorders, low energy, memory loss, diabetes.   I urge you to take a few moments and seriously read and listen to what is being presented below. It … Continue reading

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Telomere, gluthathione and aging

Thousands of studies have been published on telomeres and telomerase. They are known to maintain genomic stability, prevent the inappropriate activation of DNA damage pathways, and regulate cellular aging. In humans, telomere length and integrity plays a role in diseases, … Continue reading

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